Benjamin la Cour Miss Julie

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Eoin Higgins


The fact that Kissinger is still taken seriously after all the disastrous policies he pursued during his decades in American government and around it is extremely disturbing. The fact that he hasn't died yet despite being weighed down by the blood of the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of victims of his policies is proof there is no god.

The Games Factory by Europress, 1996

Safari Festival 2015

La Pietra del Paragone at Théâtre du Châtelet Paris, 2007


Joe Cruz Whistles Mens Collection

Kilo Design WOOBI 2017

Ray Birdwhistell Introduction to Kinesics 1952

John Cage


I don't hear things in my head, nor do I have inspiration. Nor is it right, as some people have said, that because I use chance operations my music is written not by me, but by God. I doubt whether God, say he existed, would take the trouble to write my music.

teamLab, 2014-, Interactive Digital Installation